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For kids and parents alike, August means that it’s time to get back to school. Are you excited about your kids going back to school but not about having to get them out of bed every morning? Are you hitting all the back-to-school sales for school supplies and new clothes?

A new school year means many new things for kids and parents alike. For many students, sports will be starting and after-school activities will keep them busy into the evening. For some children, a new year can mean adjusting to a new school and new friends. Whether your child is dealing with a bully, a busier schedule or just anxiety about new surroundings, we want to equip you with the tools you need to help your child. At UAMS, we hope that this August is a great start to the new school year for your whole family.

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School days are quickly approaching. At UAMS, we know that the new school year can bring on added stress to your family. There are many end-of-summer details that have to be wrapped up before school starts: immunizations, class schedules, school supplies and more.

Getting back into the school routine is never easy. The first few mornings of the new school year can cause a normal household to be chaotic. Then, for many kids with after-school activities, there is a different afternoon routine every day. We will offer you various ways for you and your family to minimize stress and transition into a new schedule seamlessly.

 In our Living Healthy Newsletters we will to provide plenty of tips to help you as you get back in the school routine without all the added stress.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s important to start the day with a healthy meal regardless of age. Sometimes emphasis is placed on making sure children and teens have a nutritional breakfast, but a good breakfast will give energy for the day and can help adults concentrate better at work. Try one of our healthy breakfast recipes for breakfast burritos or spicy oat pancakes.
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Health Tips
School – Aged Nutrition

Nutrition is an important part of your health at any age, but it is especially important for children. Children develop food habits early and learn the importance of eating a well-balanced diet. Many food likes and dislikes are established during this time. School-aged children are often willing to eat a wider variety of goods.

It’s important for children to be encouraged not only to eat healthy at home but also to eat well when at school. It might be easier to send the kids out the door with money, but you should consider packing their lunches. Do you need ideas of healthy lunches to pack? Try one of these.

For tips and information to help you and your children with their nutrition, go to our child nutrition page.

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From our Here’s to Your Health archives, Dr. T. Glenn Pait provides tips and advice for your health. School-related injuries happen often but can be avoided. Read this advice from Dr. Pait on how your children should stay safe in school.

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