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Spotlight on Health - April 2011

Have you been enjoying the warm weather lately? It seems that every place you go, people are talking about getting outside doing something, whether it’s working in the yard, playing ball or simply walking around the neighborhood. Since it’s that time of year when people are out enjoying the weather, why not enjoy the weather while working out?

If you car turned yellow overnight and is covered with pollen, you’re reminded that this is also the season for allergies. Do your spring allergies interfere with your outdoor activities? We have tips and suggestions to help you take control of your allergies.

At UAMS, we want to help you and your family all that spring has to offer.

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We also know that this is allergy season. Our newsletters will also include tips for managing your seasonal allergies so that they don’t get the best of you this season.

In our Living Healthy Newsletterswe want to provide plenty of healthy tips and advice for whatever your situation may be.

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With spring, we often crave something lighter to eat. Also, as we shed winter sweaters and coats, we want to shed extra pounds for the summer and swimsuit season.

Try one of these salads: strawberry spinach salad, fresh cucumber salad or the Greek salad

Looking for more healthy recipes? Visit our health library, which will provide you with recipes to prepare many full meals that meets most dietary needs.  See our library

Health Tips

Allergies are among the most common heath problems, with more than 50 million people afflicted with asthma, seasonal hay fever, or other allergy-related conditions each year. An allergy is a physiological reaction caused when the immune system mistakenly identifies a normally harmless substance as damaging to the body.

Normally, the human body defends itself against harmful substances such as viruses or bacteria, but sometimes the defenses aggressively attack usually innocuous substances such as dust, mold or pollen.

For more on allergies, see our allergy overview.

Medical Myths

Have you heard that eating honey can reduce seasonal allergies? Is it a myth or a fact? READ THIS ARTICLE FOR THE ANSWER.

Want to find the answers to other medical myths? Our UAMS mythbusters have investigated the truth behind some of the more popular myths. Visit our collection and find out the real deal.

PodcastPodcast – Here’s to Your Health

As the weather changes from winter into spring, allergy season is in full swing. From our Here’s to Your Health archives, Dr. T. Glenn Pait provides tips and advice on dealing with allergies. Listen to the podcast.

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Patient Story

When 22-year-old Christina Gillihan left Searcy in an ambulance bound for UAMS, she and members of her family were hoping for a miracle.

Read Christina’s story. 

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