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Spring is here, bringing a new season of spring sports. Schedules become full of baseball, soccer and tennis. It’s the time of year when parents spend all their time at the fields, cheering on sons and daughters whether they are running home or scoring a goal.

We want to ensure that you and your children have a good and safe season. Are you prepared in case of a sports injury? Do you know what is best for a post-game drink or snack? At UAMS, we have information to help participants and spectators enjoy the games.

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Do your kids and their teammates need a sweet treat after games? Are you looking for something quick and easy to make? At UAMS, we have a few options for healthy recipes for you. Try our oatmeal cookies or frozen fruit pops

Looking for more healthy recipes? Visit our health library, which will provide you with recipes to prepare many full meals that meets most dietary needs.  See our library

Health Tips 
Avoiding Sports Injuries
While spring sports are fun to play and watch, accidents can happen. At UAMS, we know that sometimes sports injuries can be unavoidable. However, we want you to know how best to prevent them and treat them if they do occur. For more on sports injuries, go to our sports injury overview.

Visit our SPORTS INJURY centER to learn more preventative measures.

PodcastPodcast – Here’s to Your Health

From our Here’s to Your Health archives, Dr. T. Glenn Pait provides tips and advice on sports injuries.

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Medical Myth
After the big game, you want to drink something that will help your body quickly recover. Should you drink a sports drink or just water? Have you ever thought about chocolate milk as a good post-workout drink? Is this true? READ THIS ARTICLE FOR THE ANSWER 

Want to find the answers to other medical myths? Our UAMS mythbusters have investigated the truth behind some of the more popular myths. Visit our collection and find out the real deal.

Patient Story 
Road to Recovery

Jeff Snodgres had made the Olympic cycling team and was preparing for the games. However, during a training session, he was struck by a car only three weeks before his competition. He came the UAMS Department of Orthopedics for help.

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