Women and Infant Service Line Visitor Safety Agreement

Last modified: April 13, 2020
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The UAMS Women and Infant Service Line staff are dedicated to providing excellent care for you and your baby. Because safety is a priority for us, we have made some changes to our standard visitation and unit guidelines as we deal with public health and patient safety concerns related to COVID-19. We want this to be a safe place for our mothers and infants. Everyone has a huge role in helping us reach this goal. THESE RULES MAY BE CHANGED AT ANY TIME AS NECESSARY TO PROTECT PUBLIC HEALTH AND PATIENT SAFETY. To help ensure the safety of everyone on the unit and to ensure you enjoy your stay with us, here is a current list of some of the safety measures we will use on our unit:

  1. Everyone who enters UAMS will be screened in the main lobby of the hospital and given a wristband before going to the patient care floor.
  2. Only one visitor will be able to stay for the duration of labor and up to 48 hours post-partum. There will be no swapping-out of visitors.
  3. Only one visitor will be able to stay in the NICU throughout the infant’s hospital stay. This will either be the mother or a person designated by the mother. There is no swapping out of visitors.
  4. Visitors must wear a mask at all times.
  5. L&D and Postpartum visitors will not be allowed to leave the room under any circumstances. This includes smoking or going out to get food. NICU visitors may use the restrooms, showers and microwaves on the NICU and should stay in the vicinity of their baby’s room. UAMS will provide meals. Please advise NICU staff assisting you of any known food allergies.
  6. All visitors will be asked health screening questions and have their temperature checked every four hours by a staff member.
  7. No visitors may use a CPAP machine while in the hospital.
  8. If a mother is discharged before her baby, she will be allowed to stay on E6 with her baby, and no other visitors will be allowed.

Because you can be infected with COVID-19 and not display symptoms for several days, you must immediately report any of the following symptoms to nursing staff:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore throat

If you learn that someone you have been in contact with before you entered the hospital is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, or if you learn that someone you have been in contact with was around someone else who has been put under quarantine, you must immediately report this to nursing staff.

You will be asked to sign this document to indicate that you have read and understand this information and agree to abide by this Visitor Safety Agreement and all other UAMS visitor policies.

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Some of these documents have been developed based on current needs and experiences. UAMS is an entity of the state which may have different requirements under federal and state law than your hospital, doctors, and other providers. This information is provided as a public service in response to continuing questions from various community providers. All information is subject to change as our response to this pandemic challenge continues. Consult your practice or facility leadership before adopting any practices or protocols provided here.