Stem Cell Transplant Visitation Guidelines

Last modified: July 10, 2020
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Due to an increase in COVID-19 patients in Arkansas and across the country, UAMS has implemented temporary visiting policies for our hospital. Visitors are allowed for patients only in exceptional cases.

  • Visitors are not allowed for patients confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19.
  • Before visitation is allowed, the visitor must be tested for COVID and have a negative/undetected result. Visitors with a positive/detected result or who do not yet know the results of their test will not be allowed to visit.
  • All visitors must wear a mask (excluding N95 or other types of respirators) at all times. A UAMS mask will be provided if the visitor does not have one of their own. The mask should be changed if it becomes wet, soiled or damaged.
  • All visitors must stay in the patient room at all times.
  • Visitors who do not follow these guidelines will be asked to leave UAMS and not allowed to return.
  1. One visitor is allowed for approved Stem Cell Transplant patients.
  2. Before visitation is allowed, the Visitor Safety Agreement must be reviewed and signed by the visitor.
  3. Once visitation has been approved, the patient’s physician, nursing, or clinic staff will notify the patient’s family. The visitor name will be entered into the visitor exception log at the Information Desk in the main lobby of the hospital.
  4. The visitor will not be allowed to leave the patient room after he/she arrives. Please bring essential items such a medication. Meals will be provided by UAMS.
  5. Upon arrival, all visitors will be screened in the main lobby of the hospital and given a wristband before going to the patient care floor.
  6. The patient’s nurse will conduct a health screening of each visitor at least twice a day and document this in the patient’s record. If a visitor does not pass the health screening, he/ she will be asked to leave the hospital. Please notify the patient’s nurse immediately if you develop any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, chills, muscle aches, shortness of breath or loss of taste or smell.
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Some of these documents have been developed based on current needs and experiences. UAMS is an entity of the state which may have different requirements under federal and state law than your hospital, doctors, and other providers. This information is provided as a public service in response to continuing questions from various community providers. All information is subject to change as our response to this pandemic challenge continues. Consult your practice or facility leadership before adopting any practices or protocols provided here.