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Industry Relationships of Faculty Members

UAMS faculty members may have business or collaborative relationships with other companies in the healthcare industry. These relationships may include activities such as research, education and training, consulting, ownership, or intellectual property interests. While these relationships are beneficial for advancing research and developing new technologies and therapies to benefit patients and improve health outcomes, they may also give rise to potential conflicts of interest. 

UAMS has established policies and procedures to assure that private interests of faculty members and their immediate family do not improperly influence medical decision-making. UAMS faculty members are required to disclose industry relationships to the UAMS Conflict of Interest Office at least annually. The Conflict of Interest Committee will then evaluate and monitor these relationships to make sure that faculty relationships with industry are consistent with the UAMS objectives of placing the needs of patient first and conducting research with integrity, objectivity, and an emphasis on the safety of volunteers.

*Industry Relationship Types

Ownership Interest – such as stock options, or other types or ownership interest.

Intellectual Property Interest – such as patents, copyrights, licenses, or royalties.

Fiduciary Relationships – such as service as an officer, executive, board member, or advisor.

Remuneration – such as salary or other compensation for items such as consulting, honoraria, speaking engagements, teaching presentations, authorship, travel reimbursement, etc.

MonthYearInvestigatorLast NameName of EntityType of InterestValue
April2008W. Brooks Gentry, MDGentryInterveXion Therapeutics, LLCOwnership< $5,000
April2008W. Brooks Gentry, MDGentryInterveXion Therapeutics, LLCIntellectual Property< $5,000
July2011Laura James, MDJamesAcetaminophen Toxicity Diagnostics, LLCIntellectual Property< $5,000
July2011Laura James, MDJamesAcetaminophen Toxicity Diagnostics, LLCOwnership< $5,000
May2011William Culp, MDCulpCerevast Therapeutics, Inc.Intellectual Property< $5,000
May2011Richard Nicholas, MDNicholasMusculoskeletal Transplant FoundationFiduciary Relationship$5,000 – $25,000
May2011Stavros Manolagas, MD , PhDManolagasRadius Health, Inc.Ownership> $100,000
Dec2011Smith, Charles WSmitheDocAmerica.com, LLCOwnership> $100,000
July2012Eren ErdemErdemDfine, Inc.Ownership< $5,000
July2012Eren ErdemErdemDfine, Inc.Compensation$25,000 – $50,000
Dec2012Bart BalogieBarlogieSignal GeneticsIntellectual Property< $5,000
Feb2013T. Glenn PaitPaitDePui SpineIntellectual Property$5,000-$25,000
April2013Curtis Lowery LoweryAirToco, LLC  (ADD NEW) Ownership<$5,000