Fast Facts

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences was founded in 1879 by eight physicians. Today UAMS is the state’s only academic health center, part of a statewide network of post-secondary education institutions of the University of Arkansas System governed by a 10-member Board of Trustees.

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UAMS hospital and institute on aging, eye, spine and neurosciences, myeloma, cancer and psychiatry

UAMS Mission

To improve the health and health care of Arkansans

UAMS Mission Statement

The mission of UAMS is to improve the health, health care and well-being of Arkansans and of others in the region, nation and the world by:

  • Educating current and future health professionals and the public
  • Providing high-quality, innovative health care and specialty expertise not routinely available in community settings
  • Advancing knowledge in areas of human health and disease and translating and accelerating discoveries into health improvements

Core Values

Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Creativity, Excellence, Diversity

Vision 2020

UAMS, with its intersection of education, research and clinical programs, brings a unique capacity to lead health care improvement in Arkansas. Among its assets for leadership are its status as the only academic health center in the state, its statewide network of centers for public education and clinical outreach, its emphasis on population health, and its leadership in health informatics and statewide information technology. In addition, UAMS has a unique capacity for translational research – speeding the rate at which research can inform clinical care and health improvement.



College of Nursing
College of Medicine
College of Health Related Professions
College of Pharmacy<br />
College of Public Health
Graduate School

Education Statistics

  • 2,819 students
  • 780 residents
  • College of Nursing – 647 students*
  • College of Medicine – 647 students*
  • College of Health Related Professions – 612 students*
  • College of Pharmacy – 482 students*
  • College of Public Health – 156 students*
  • Graduate School – 275 students*
  • * September, 2011
  • 1,354 faculty members
  • U.S. News & World Report ranks Geriatrics, Primary Care and Nursing master’s programs
  • Chronicle of Higher Education ranks Pharmaceutical Sciences program 5th in nation
  • UAMS Northwest campus total enrollment 109
    • College of Medicine – 19
    • College of Pharmacy – 37
    • College of Nursing – 28
    • College of Health Related Professions – 25

Patient Care

  • Family Medical Centers at six Area Health Education Centers – 173,000 outpatient visits in 2011
  • Hospital capacity – 332 adult beds, 64 newborn bassinets, 40 psychiatry beds
  • Only adult Level One Trauma Center in Arkansas
  • 912 College of Medicine clinicians staff UAMS Medical Center, Arkansas Children’s Hospital and the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System
  • Eighty Area Health Education Center faculty physicians provide care and supervise residents at the UAMS Family Medical Centers located in seven regions outside of central Arkansas
  • The Myeloma Institute for Research & Therapy (MIRT) treated its 10,000th patient in the fall, 2011.
  • The Myeloma Institute has performed over 9,000 peripheral blood stem cell transplants – more than any other center in the world – for multiple myeloma and related diseases.
  • The expected five-year survival rate for newly diagnosed myeloma patients treated at the Myeloma Institute is 74%,  versus 43% for a comparable patient population in the NCI cancer statistics (SEER) database.
  • Only adult cystic fibrosis center in Arkansas
  • Only ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) treatment center in Arkansas
  • First liver transplant in Arkansas
  • First bone marrow transplant in Arkansas
  • Liver and kidney transplant survival rates higher than national average
  • Only high-risk pregnancy program in Arkansas, only board-certified maternal fetal medicine specialists
  • First accredited echocardiography lab for careful cardiac diagnosis


  • Ranking in top 20% of all U.S. Colleges & Universities in research funding from federal government
  • Total National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding – $77.8 M
  • Buildings dedicated solely to research 500,000 sq. ft.
  • UAMS BioVentures Business Incubator – 50 companies with $26.5 M annual payroll
  • Home to Arkansas Biosciences Institute
  • World leader in multiple myeloma research and treatment
  • Cancer Institute – two new research floors 2011
  • Arkansas Research Alliance
  • Translational Research Institute
  • Research Data Warehouse
  • Arkansas e-Link – $102 M
  • J. Thomas May Center for ALS Research – only research for ALS in Arkansas

Statewide Reach

  • Regional Programs include 8 Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) and a comprehensive Rural Hospital Program
  • 11 KIDS FIRST Program Sites
  • 30 Pediatric Subspecialty Clinics
  • Head Start, Pulaski County, 22 facilities caring for 1,130 children
  • Poison Control Hotline – 40,000 calls/year
  • 8 Arkansas Aging Initiative Centers
  • Center for Distance Health Stroke Diagnosis and Treatment Network – 31 member hospitals
  • ANGELS high-risk pregnancy consultation, diagnosis through telemedicine
  • Evidence-Based Prescription Drug Program (College of Pharmacy) saved state $70M since inception in 2005
  • Arkansas e-Link – linking health, education, research and public safety by connecting 474 sites across the state to a 5,600-mile high-speed optical network


Economic Impact*

    • $3.92 billion/year economic impact – UAMS and
      affiliates Arkansas Children’s Hospital and Central
      Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System
    • 8 UAMS Area Health Education Centers – 974 jobs and $55 million impact
    • UAMS BioVentures business incubator – 50 companies started, current annual payroll of $26.5 million
    • 806 graduates in 2009; projected economic productivity calculated at $31.4 million annually

*Battelle Memorial Institute, December 2010

Projected Revenue (2012)

Patient Care






State Appropriations









TOTAL: $1,247,307,620

  • Charity and unreimbursed care – $175,439,641

Institutes of Excellence


    • More than $18.6 million raised FY 2011 to help meet mission
    • Contributions from donors in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and 15 foreign countries
    • Private philanthropic support critical growth and support of: Cutting-edge research, patient-centered programs, faculty support, student scholarships, statewide programs and outreach, new and enhanced facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment

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