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Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery Lets Teen Walk and Run

Dec. 8, 2015|“Can you believe that something this small is what has changed how well you move?” UAMS neurosurgeon Erika Petersen, M.D., said showing a wire the size of a spaghetti noodle to 15-year-old Darius Hoppis. Before the brain surgery, Darius was hardly able to walk. Darius Hoppis, 15, has a neurological disorder called [...]

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Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation At UAMS, we can offer our patients revolutionary treatment for conditions causing symptoms that cannot be adequately controlled through medication. With conditions such as Parkinson’s, dystonia and essential tremor, people become increasingly disabled, making routine daily activities difficult or impossible without assistance. Using groundbreaking procedures at UAMS, we provide hope and help [...]

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Neurosciences – Neurosurgery, Brain and Spine

Neurosciences – Neurosurgery, Brain and Spine At UAMS, we offer the best in medical care for patients who are seeking treatment for a variety of conditions that affect the brain and spine. Our multidisciplinary approach to treatment covers many specialties, including neurosurgery, neurology, physiatry, spine care and pain management. Our experts will provide you [...]

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Neurosurgery Clinic Your physician may refer you to UAMS for a variety of nervous system or spinal column issues, including: Seizure surgery Brain implants Pediatric neurosurgery Neuron-oncology, including brachytherapy and radiation surgery Our team of neurosurgeons also is experienced in neuro-endocrinology and disorders affecting the spine and spinal cord. UAMS is also one of [...]

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