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Now Cancer-Free, Nurse Regrets Skipping Colonoscopy

March 28, 2016 | As a nurse, Beverly Seaberg spends her time at work caring for patients. As a wife and mother, she also makes sure her husband, John, and two daughters, Cori and Caroline receive the best health care possible. Seaberg, 58, is an R.N. in the Quality Management department at UAMS. She has [...]

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Little Rock Mom Thankful for Beating Colon Cancer

Jan. 29, 2016 | Alice Rogers knew something was wrong. What started with abdominal cramps in March 2015 had progressed to severe pain by July. “It hurt every time I ate, sometimes making me double over,” she said, adding that she also was passing pencil-thin stools. “I knew something was wrong, but I just didn’t [...]

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GI Cancer Treatment

GI Cancer With our experienced, multidisciplinary team at UAMS, we are able to provide cutting-edge care for various types of gastrointestinal cancer, including: Esophageal cancer Stomach cancer Liver cancer Pancreatic cancer Colon cancer Appendix cancer Anal cancer Depending on the type of cancer you have, prognosis for these GI cancers varies. At UAMS you can [...]

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Colon Cancer – Colorectal Cancer

Colon Cancer Colon and rectal cancer is the third most common form of cancer in the United States. Also known as colorectal cancer, colon and rectal cancer includes cancerous growths in the colon, rectum and appendix. At UAMS, we know how scary a diagnosis of colon cancer can be. However, our team of doctors will help you [...]

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Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery If you are looking for the newest surgical procedures that allows you to recover quickly and return to your regular activities, UAMS is here to serve you. As the only teaching hospital in Arkansas, we offer the most current medical advances. Today's surgeon is required to perform many difficult procedures that would [...]

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Researcher Aids Cancer Prevention with Colon Polyp Identifier

Feb. 25, 2014 | Research led by a University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) professor of medicine and genetics has found a way to identify a type of polyp in the colon that may account for as much as 30 percent of colon cancers, a potential breakthrough in colon cancer prevention.

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