Patient stories about Myeloma

Myeloma Patient “In Good Hands”

Claudia Jessup's life has taken her in many directions. Twenty years ago, she and her husband, Jonathan Richards, moved their young family from New York to Santa Fe, N.M. Jessup, an author, and Richards, a journalist and cartoonist, knew they could relocate their careers cross country with relative ease, while also giving their two daughters [...]

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Unexpected Change of Plans

Tickets were bought, reservations were made, an itinerary was planned and all that was left to do was say, "adios, America" and "hola, Spain and Portugal." There was just that fateful routine check-up with her doctor in Shreveport, La., that was left to fit in before Mona Morgan and her husband, Eddie, jetted off to [...]

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Myeloma Patient Travels from Germany

In December 2003, Ines Plog left her home in Hamburg, Germany, to travel to Little Rock for treatment at the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy. Less than two years later she was in remission. "I was convinced this was the right place to be." Ines recommends the UAMS Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy: [...]

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Over the Hurdles

When attorney Ken Stoll of North Little Rock was diagnosed in 1991 with multiple myeloma, many would have called it a death sentence. He now thanks his doctor who referred him to the then-fledgling program for multiple myeloma at UAMS. It was that doctor's foresight, coupled with UAMS' dedication to patients with this rare cancer [...]

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Frequent Flier

The walk from Greg Pacheco's front door to his car is not a long one. But in 2003, the 30-year-old could barely muster enough energy to take those few steps. Today, the California native is walking, driving and traveling halfway across the country thanks to a new therapy offered at UAMS. "I still have Castleman's [...]

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Myeloma Caregiver Recounts Rewarding Journey

Lori Puente said she didn’t know what multiple myeloma was when her husband was diagnosed with the cancer of the blood’s plasma cells back in 2008.

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